Introducing the ETCH Clock

Time is fleeting. Life moves far too fast. With a bit of technology and a bit of magic, ETCH Clock does more than tell time; it can help you change your entire perception of time by slowing it down to a relaxing increment that materializes in soft, quiet pulses, like a heartbeat.

ETCH Clock is made of a flat, elastic membrane that transforms into 3D digital numbers that appear every thirty seconds in two slow pulses, then disappear. Unlike typical, backlit digital numbers, the ETCH Clock brings a physical presence to time, which acts as an ephemeral reminder to make the most of every moment and appreciate the transience of time.

The creators of ETCH Clock, Johnny Vaccaro und Gilles Caprari, two ETH Zurich graduates, also designed a complementary App (iOS and Android) where you can choose how you want to display the numbers: The first choice, “Sync & Go”, displays the time every thirty seconds. The second choice, “Sync & Sensor”, uses a built-in microphone to show the time every thirty seconds but only if there is ambient sound nearby. If using the latter mode, the clock will display the word “Sleep” when there is no background noise to animate it.

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