Museum für Gestaltung ReOpening

The main building of the Zürich Museum for Design re-opened on February 3rd after undergoing renovations in the last few years. A fine example of Swiss Modernist architecture, it was designed by Adolf Steger and Karl Egender in 1931, and housed the museum and the School of Arts and Crafts.


Founding owner of AMEICO Peter Kahane, visited the Museum für Gestaltung to see the renovations. It has a new graphic design gallery, a product design gallery, and a two-story exhibition hall. Among the exhibitions is Oïphorie, by Atelier Oï, a rising design firm from the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Pictured is Atelier Oï’s Minoshi Garden, a large format mobile livening the new space with light and movement.


The Zürich Museum für Gestaltung was first established in 1875 and has amassed a important collection used for education purposes for its School of Arts and Crafts. It is now a notable design museum of international caliber worth your visit. The Plakatraum or Poster Collection is the world’s most comprehensive and important, comprised of 330,000 posters. The Design Collection has 10,000 products and 20,000 examples of packaging. The Graphic Collection chronicles changes to everyday graphics from the advent of the printing press until now. Finally, the Applied Arts Collection, located in the Bellerive location, houses important Swiss and international works, such as Sophie Tauber-Arp’s marionettes (The Stag, The King, & The Guard) from the 1917 show which ushered in the Dadaist movement.