A Trip to Japan, Part 1

Dear all,


It’s Peter, just back from visit to Japan.


This time, I fit in a trip to Fukushima, near the site of the infamous March 2011 Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant malfunction after an earthquake. The event received an INES (International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale) level 7, the highest level of damage that can occur, resulting in massive clean up and costs. The region is recovering, thankfully.


In Fukushima, I visited a small textile manufacturer to collaborate on a collection for AMEICO. Some of the designs I chose are by philosopher and founder of the Mingei Japanese Folk Art movement, Sōetsu Yanagi, also known as Yanagi Muneyoshi (1889-1961). He found beauty in everyday utilitarian objects and authored a collection of essays called The Unknown Craftsman.


I managed to catch the annual ADC (Art Director’s Club) exhibition at the Gina Graphic Gallery in Tokyo. This featured the winners from over 8,000 entries of new graphic design work. As you know, I have a soft spot for poster art, and Japan graphic art is particularly innovative.


“Where only your nose is the star”, The Nose Shop in Ginza, Tokyo stands out with their unique way they target consumers. It’s an innovative scent store with an absurd color changing nose which Man Ray would have loved. Their website states, “[Apart and] away from the formidable world of perfume, we bring you a casual, colorful and slightly crazy new world of fragrance” (https://noseshop.jp).