Pavillon Le Corbusier, Zurich

Dear All,


It’s Peter, back from the opening of the museum: Pavillon Le Corbusier.


Located in Zurich, it was originally built in 1967 by the architect Le Corbusier, as a place to show his work in an architectural and museum setting. The museum is considered an architectural jewel by many. It is Le Corbusier’s only building made of steel and glass. The Pavillon Le Corbusier has been closed for the last few years for an extensive renovation and now is under the stewardship of the Museum fuer Gestaltung Zurich (Museum of Design Zurich). After the renovation, the museum welcomes visitors to walk through and experience the architectural promenade, a key idea behind the development of space and movement in Le Corbusier’s work.


The Pavillon Le Corbusier is beautifully situated in a park at the Lake of Zurich, across the street from a private residence of another famous architect, Santiago Calatrava. It is well worth a visit.