Max Bill & Bauhaus Constellations

Dear all,

It’s Peter, here to share a recent experience I had in Zurich.


In tandem with Art Basel, the important modern and contemporary art fair, Hauseer & Wirth in Zurich has put together a stellar exhibition on Max Bill, worthy of a museum show. Max Bill is a very well known Swiss designer and is more commonly known today for his chronoscope wrist watches, manufactured by Junghans in Germany.

Quoting from scholarly show catalog put together by Angela Thomas Schmid, Max Bill was influenced by both the Bauhaus master in the 1920s and the artists that he became acquainted with during the subsequent decade in Paris. He evaluated his own work against the standard set by artworks produced in his wider circle. All works in the exhibition are from the estate of Max Bill.

The Bauhaus’ popularity began to face during the economic upswing that followed the Second World War. Today, in 2019, we are once again at a turning point in various ways: rampant over-consumption, excess, and waste have become a global threat to the planet. Students are taking the streets in protest. The new generation admires Bill, in the face of scarcity, he was convinced by the beauty of reduction, and remained loyal to it for the rest of his life.

If in Zurich, visiting this beautiful show located in the so-called, “Loewenbrau Areal” is well worth it.